Yes, Bobbi, I’m ready to READY to find the man who will make me HAPPY for the rest of my life. I'm excited you're going to give me scientific facts, real-life advice and PROVEN strategies that will shift my mindset and put me on the road to Grownup Love, PRONTO. 
I understand that this is a self-paced virtual training program, which I can access any time and for life.
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I kept being attracted to jerks and assholes and didn't know how to stop it. I recognized that was my emotional blueprint, but I couldn't stop the attraction. When I saw this course it was like God tapped me on my shoulder and said "Here ya go, my love." lol! That's EXACTLY what I needed.

I am now dating 3 incredibly AWESOME men with whom I feel safe, happy, joyful, and wholeheartedly accepted. OMG. What an incredible feeling. They're not playing games. They plan dates. They're fun to be around. They're gentlemen. Thanks Bobbi!   --Shay