If you are done WASTING YOUR TIME on men who won't commit and can't make you happy,
or you are HIDING on the sidelines,
you are in the RIGHT place.

Welcome to...


— a self-paced online course to help you stop being controlled by your reactionary lizard brain and silly 18-year-old…and start using your grownup smarts to choose men who will commit to you, excite you, and make you happy. 


NEVER AGAIN WASTE YOUR TIME AND HEART on a man who makes you feel insecure and can never love you the way you need to be loved? 

TRUST YOURSELF to know which men to feel hopeful about and which to run from before they stomp on your self-esteem and your heart?

START BEING WILDLY ATTRACTED TO THOSE 'NICE GUYS' who have bored you or turned you off in the past?

SPEND EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH A MAN WHO SEES AND LOVES YOU for the beautiful, complex, kind-hearted woman that you are? 


You seem to always get dumped or men you like keep disappearing…your picker is broken.

You attract me-me-me narcissist types…your picker is broken.

You're dating but not interested in any of the men you meet...your picker is broken. 

You think there are no good men left…your picker is broken.

You fall in love with men hoping they will change....your picker is broken.

You are single and don’t want to be but can't figure out why...your picker is broken.

And, lastly, if you aren’t meeting ANYONE because you're not dating at all, your picker may be completely out of commission!


Once you understand the science
behind what compels you to choose men who can't love you...

and learn how to make choices with your grownup smarts
instead of your fluttering heart...   

you will  be able to do what those happily-coupled women have done:
finally see the attractive, interesting, commitment  men all around you!

It's NOT your fault and you are not alone.
Who ever taught you how to choose a partner at this time in life? Or EVER for that matter? You are making decisions at this age about MEN - and if you're like most women -- you've only ever done that with boys.  

I know it sounds a little crazy, but you CAN learn how to completely shift your attraction and selection of men. It's not about settling at all. What you're doing now is settling. 

Read what Terra, a Fix Your Man Picker graduate, has to say about learning to choose men who make you happy.
"It was you who helped me see clearly who I am as a woman and what I wanted in a man."
Hi Bobbi! It was largely because of you and your guidance in your Fix Your Man Picker course that I met my husband online through Plenty of Fish. You guided us through the process of clearly defining who we were and what we were looking for. With that clarity, I was able to push away the cobwebs and know with more certainty what was important to me.

In January of 2016, I was going to the beach and asked him if he wanted to accompany me, just to have a pleasant outing. He said yes and, as I got to know him, our pleasant acquaintance became a romantic relationship.

I noticed that when I decided to marry him, the decision was made with both my head and my heart. We are as in love and committed as ever, and our first year wedding anniversary is coming up in May. So thank you because you definitely helped make all of this happen. It was you who helped me see clearly who I am as a woman and what I wanted in a man. Much love to you.
~ Terra.
Know this is for you?

Imagine yourself in a loving, fun, secure relationship with a man you know loves you.


Close your eyes...and think of being LOVED AND IN LOVE with Your One Special Man.

How do you feel?




    Safe...because he knows you – the real you – and he loves all of you?
Do you feel secure...knowing that you finally have someone YOU can count on, and who will hold you as his #1...for life?

Damnit! Where is that guy??  

I'm going to give this painfully straight right now:

Your cycle of falling for men who don't return your feelings...or opting out of dating all-together...

it’s not about the men.

That man who can make you feel so good is out there. But you aren't picking him. You are still single because of YOU and your choices.

Wait! See, that's the GOOD NEWS! It means you are 100% in control of changing it! 
I know that without Bobbi’s expert, loving, guidance I would still be getting my heart broken by all the wrong guys instead of spending my life with a man who absolutely loves and adores me. 
Self-paced video training

Three previously recorded
60+ minute coaching sessions.

Additional benefit is hearing from women who share your challenges and feelings...and are asking the questions you want to ask.  (You are NOT alone!) 
Guided real-life practices

Step-by-step instruction to guide you through simple (and fun!) independent practice.  

Adults anchor and enrich their learning by applying what you learn, as you learn, to your real life.

Guides and Worksheets  

Detailed support guides and worksheets to help you follow along, complete interactive exercises, and keep your personal notes.

Immediately after you register, your course begins. Then, each week for three weeks a new session comes to your inbox.   
Start today or whenever you are ready. After the three weeks, all Fix Your Man Picker program materials (training videos, guides, and bonuses) are available in the Date Like a Grownup Learning Center - forever.

Complete the course based on your schedule. Then return as often as you like...whenever you need a pick-me-up or reminder of what you now know.


Discover what you've been missing all along: that you can be the one who chooses. (You are not at the mercy of a man picking you!) 
Uncover how you've been making decisions and how that is exactly what has kept you single and frustrated. 
Understand the SCIENCE behind what attracts you, how that stands in the way of love, and how to overcome your urges. (Start using your smarts and life experience!)  
Learn to shift how you judge men so you start being attracted to (and attracting) high quality men with forever  potential. (This transforms your love life!) 
Create your new list of must-haves to use as a guide with every decision you make about who to give your time and heart to. (No more wasting time, second-guessing or settling for less than a man who adds joy to your life!)
Know the tangible, real-life signs to look for during dating and relationship that tell you whether he's a man with great potential or one you should run from.   
Become an expert "online profile picker" by learning what to look for in men's profiles that tells you to make a connection or not to waste a minute.    
Learn what good men really want so you finally understand why you're attracting the wrong men (or none at all), and what it really takes to attract the RIGHT grownup ones. (And now you'll know how to spot them!)
With the negativity ditched about what men want, see how you can be the woman high-quality men are searching for...just by being more of yourself. (You're going to be surprised to learn this.)
Create an actionable, personalized 60-day plan to get you out in the world having fun, meeting and choosing new, exciting, grownup men. (With my help, of course!)
Learn how to shift your judgments of men and use that wisdom to start creating your life-changing grownup list of must-haves. 
Learn Why Smart Women Attract Jerks

In this publicly unreleased webcast I teach what it is about YOU that jerks, users and narcissists just love!
More importantly, what you can DO to spot them, dump them and move on quickly with your heart and self-esteem firmly intact. (On to someone who deserves all you have to give.)
Answers to Why He Didn't Call

Finally understand the mystery of why men act interested and then never call. (Arrrgh!) 

Also get my five must-do’s that, when followed, will mean you never again have to ask "what did I do wrong?"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Say goodbye to going down that rabbit hole, sister!  
 Community of
Women Like You

Fix Your Man Picker is a self-paced training course but you don't have to take the journey alone. 

Your experience will be heightened when you join myself and other Grownup Daters in my safe, secret private Facebook community.


Imagine knowing exactly how to

"There’s NO WAY I would have given him a chance prior to working with Bobbi."

I want you to know how much you have been a great impact to my life. Lance and I looked at engagement rings today! We are planning our wedding for summer 2017. I would never have seen the amazing man Lance is without your guidance. He supports me in ways I’ve never experienced before, we have a strong foundation of similar faith, and we meet each other’s needs – everything that really matters to me.

I learned so much about myself and about what I wanted in a man as a result of working with you. Thank you for such an amazing gift. See you at my wedding! Happy days, ~ Jeannette T, 46

You will

Stop wasting time on the wrong guys and start making good choices that you can be proud of (like you already do in the rest of your life).
Stop second-guessing yourself whenever you fall for a guy, wondering if you're going to make the same dreadful mistakes again. (You won't after you finish this training!) 
See the signs of a potential mate right away so you know when to pay attention or when to run; whether online or in person.
Get crystal clear about the type of man and relationship that will make you happy at this stage of your life. (Hint: it’s waaayyy different than when you were 25.)
Stop waiting for some fantasy man to show up and start seeing good men all around you. 
Let the “mistakes of relationships past” stop haunting you and holding you back from choosing the right men.
Stop feeling hurt, confused and bothered by the wrong guys….so you can start feeling understood, safe and special with relationship-minded, grownup men.

for an investment of 
(The cost of one good massage. Is having love in your life worth it?)

Here are real women who have gone on to lovely, lasting relationships
"Without Bobbi I would have missed the opportunity with this great man!"
Much to my surprise and when I least expected it, "C" has touched my heart. I almost passed him by, but Bobbi's man-picking training helped me to see that he was a good match for me. Outdoorsy, loves the performing arts, makes me feel safe AND understood...we have great, honest conversations!  

Last weekend we decided to be exclusive and are both resigning our memberships on Match. We've started introducing each other to our friends.  My closest friends like him a lot.  "The best man for me that they have ever met" they said. Wow, after all these years. And all thanks to you, Bobbi!   ~~ Anne
The insights I learned helped me find the love of my life at 53 and I was a single, never married chick.
Thanks, Bobbi! Your own story and Fix Your Man Picker helped me realize I was not a failure but was just making some seriously bad choices. Today marks 15 months since D and I met. We are living together and happier than ever.  -- Nancy 
I’ve always longed to be cared for and cherished and now I’m with someone who does that.
Immediately after completing Fix Your Man Picker I started spotting kinder and more relationship-oriented guys. That was a big step forward.

Soon after, I met "Him." We are making plans for a trip to Italy in spring. I feel freer, more trusting and courageous to enjoy what I'm experiencing in this relationship. I can't tell you enough how much you've helped me. Not only do I apply what I learn from you to my life, but can't help but share it with my clients at work and friends. 
-- Pat 

A positive, sure-bet step in finding love. Definitely worth your time and money!


I’m spotting kinder and more relationship-oriented guys. What a huge step forward!!

-Pat D

Whew! It feels so good to be me now. My picker was definitely broken.  

-Sharon F.
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Knowing we aren't alone & getting pushed to get off our butts — incredibly valuable!

So many Ah-ha’s... Bobbi had answers to questions I didn't even know I had.
I stopped to think about how men make me FEEL, which has me realizing I AM IMPORTANT!
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You can find dating advice just about anywhere. But my coaching is different. I won’t waste your time with advice that only works for 20 and 30 somethings. You have unique challenges and I know them all too well. 

I get what you're going through and WHY you're going through it...like no other dating coach does. I made so many bad moves and stupid decisions about men over the 30 years I dated, that I questioned myself constantly.

I turned it around on the men I met, when it really was about me. I was embarrassed about making bad choices and silly mistakes – especially since I did it over and over.

Instead of reaching out for help, I kept doing the same thing: not dating for years at a time...then jumping back in and picking the leavers and narcissists. And all along I blamed men and expected them to change.

Once I figured out the common denominator to all of this craziness was ME, I worked with a therapist (no dating coaches at the time) to fix MY picker. Within months I met Larry, and 6 months later he made me a first time bride at the age of 47.

That was 2006 and we are happier than ever.

You see how making this shift brought me so much happiness. And you see just a few of the women I've helped find their Mr. Perfect For Me. 

So, don't wait. Join me and start choosing men with your Grownup Smarts instead of your 25 year-old fluttering heart. The difference it will make in your love life will astound and delight you. 

Be Good to Yourself, 
P.S. All the advice, tips, techniques and game-changing information in this virtual self-study training is geared exclusively for women like you. Women who are over 40, smart and living the good life, but desiring their own grownup love story. Like I said, you have unique challenges...and also unique advantages. I can't wait to bring you in on the SECRET!

P.P.S. Really when you think about it... who better to guide you to success than someone who has “been there, done that?” Someone who tells it like it is, with a ton of compassion and just the right amount of tough love. Don't waste any more time, ok? Take action so you can start getting on with your Love Life. 
Fix Your Man-Picker
& Find Real Love
Stop choosing users and losers.
Start picking men who make you happy.